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Neck Pain

Neck pain can arise from several souces. It can be due to degenerative processes such as arthritis or more mundane causes such as a muscle strain from sleeping or sitting in a poor position. Whatever the cause, if you are suffering from neck pain all you want is for it to go away.

A muscle strain which can occur from poor body positioning, overuse of your neck muscles, or a trauma such as a car accident or fall, will usually respond quickly and completely to chiropractic manipulative treatment. While more severe strains can take a while to recover completely, more minor strains should show some improvement very quickly. However, Neck strains often occur at the same time as neck sprains which can take much longer to recover.

Neck sprains take considerably more force to occur than do strains. Car accidents, falls, violent sports impacts such as football, skiing falls, or rock/ice climbing falls even when caught by the belay, can all cause sprains of the neck. While a strain is a tear in a muscle a sprain is a tear in a ligament. Sprains are much more serious, take longer to recover from, and have the potential to cause more serious long term difficulty than a sprain. Still, both sprains and strains of the neck can lead to improper functioning of the joints in your neck and can lead to conditions chiropractors refer to as joint dysfunction or subluxation. Joint dysfunction can lead to impaired movement, pain, and there is evidence that it may also reflexively impact the function of various body systems such as digestion, blood pressure, and even immune system function.

Whiplash injuries are a serious form of neck sprain. They occur due to rapid accelleration fo the head and neck followed by rapid decelleration of the same. Typically seen in auto accidents, whiplash injures can also occur anytime the head and neck is subjected to significant accelleration-decellerartion. An hocky check you are unprepared for, a fall on belayor even a bad slip and fall such as on ice can produce some degree of a whiplash-type injury. And worst of all, left untreated these injuries can lead to accellerated degeneration of the discs and joints in the neck and increased future impairment.

Disc degeneration or herniation in the neck can be both very painful and very debilitating. This pain usually radiates down the arm and is very sharp and painful. Coughing, sneezing, and straining usually make this pain worse and increases the arm pain. If you experience any of these condtions come in immediately and we will determine if you can wait, try a conservative treatment approach, or need to see a neurosurgeon immediately.

While not all neck conditions will respond completely to chiropractic care, many do very well with our conservative care and do not need more aggressive therapies. IIf you have neck pain and are looking for help in Conway, North Conway, or the Mount Washington Valley, , let us evaluate your complaint and see if chiropractic care may be of benefit to you.