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Arm Pain

Arm pain can have a number of causes. The most obvious, and one which needs no treatment, is overuse fatigue. Do too much and your arms may be sore the next day. If, however, you're sure that your pain is not due to overuse fatigue, we may be able to help you with the pain.

Arm pain in the upper arm is usually due to a muscle strain. This pain is generally below the shoulder and above the elbow. It is usually dull or achy. Over time, you may develop trigger points or taut and tender fibers in the muscle fibers which will respond to various soft tissue approaches we use. If the pain extends into the shoulder, it may be due to a rotator cuff injury or a biceps injury. These injuries tend to be more severe and require both bony manipulation and soft tissue approaches followed by muscle specific rehabilitative exercise. If the pain is located at the inside or outside of the elbow, it is probably a tendinitis such as golfers' elbow or tennis elbow. These conditions respond well to conservative treatment and we can usually help our patients avoid more invasive or painful treatments such as corisone injections or PRP therapy.

Pain in the wrist area is often a sprain of the wrist or the carpal-metacarpal joints (the wrist-hand joint). Wrist sprains can produce significant impairment if they become chronic. They must also be differentiated from fracture of the small bones of the wrist which may need more invasive therapy to prevent future disability. Carpal tunnel syndrome results in loss of grip strength, wasting of the muscles around the base of the thumb (thenar eminance atrophy), and numbness and/or pain into the thumb and the index, middle, and part of the ring finger. We have a good success record in treating carpal tunnel syndrome without having to refer patients for surgery.

While not all these conditions will respond completely to chiropractic care, many arm and hand complaints do very well with our conservative care and do not need more aggressive therapies. If you have arm pain and are looking for help in Conway, North Conway, or the Mount Washington Valley, , let us evaluate your complaint and see if chiropractic care may be of benefit to you.